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The Royal Brass Foundry, Woolwich - High Quality Architecture Print

The Royal Brass Foundry, Woolwich - High Quality Architecture Print

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Created especially for those who have a connection with the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. My hand-drafted illustration is a reminder of that special place.

Built in 1717 the Royal Brass Foundry housed the production and casting of guns and cannons used for governmental service. Production increased to supply weapons for the war of American Independence and for Britain's war with Revolutionary France. It continued in use until 1870.

This architectural elevation was drawn over many hours, using pencil and pen on a drawing board. Illustrated in a technical style, to help showcase the building in a way that it's Architect, Sir John Vanbrugh, may have done himself!

This signed print is available on high quality Giclee German Etching paper, which resembles the thick art paper used for the original drawing. Available in two different sizes, framed or unframed. It is ideal for a wedding, birthday, house warming or any other special occasion, this print is a wonderful gift for anyone that holds Greenwich close to their heart.

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